Farmer Paul's Homesteading: Heirloom Seeds
Paul Alhadef

Why buy my seeds?

Of course all of my seeds are 100% NON-GMO, open pollinated heirloom seeds from American farmers.

Here are even more reasons to buy from me.

Unique seeds selected with you in mind

Great varieties that taste great: This simple fact is missed by most people selling seeds.
Most heirloom seeds bundles, especially the ones geared for homesteaders and preppers are the same tied old varieties.
Boring Cucumber, Lettuce and Squash. The same ole Tomatoes and Peppers and no Corn, Pumkins or Sunflower. Dull varieties with no range.

I am a farmer. And I only sell seeds that I love and you will too. A great range of leafy greens, tasty Tomatoes, fiery Peppers, flavorful fruits along with vatieties full of fiber and protein. Everything you need for your perfect urban or homesteading garden.


Quality and Storage

Seeds aren't going to do you any good if they don't actually germinate and turn into strong healthy plants. And if the packaging doesn't store well, when you do go to plant them, the seeds will be no good.

My seeds are excellent quality - high germination rate and when combined with my Mylar bags, they will be good for years.


My seed bundle is loaded with seeds. Most of the seed packs have 2-3 times the amount of seeds that you would get at a garden or Big Box store for the same price. My bundle has over 1/2 pound of seeds.

Ease of growing

People from all different backgrounds with all different kinds of living situations buy my seeds for one simple reason. They grow well almost anywhere. Some seeds like Lettuce and Carrots are a bit harder to start but most of my seeds are simple and hardy. More resistance to bugs and bad climates and can be grown well almost anywhere in Colorado.
And if you live somewhere with a very short growing season, contact me. I can help you with some tips.

Canning and storage

My focus is on helping people become food independent.
Growing your own is of course a great first step, but storing your bountiful yeild all year is important as well.

That is always on my mind. And that is why I picked these varieties. Roma tomaotes for canning, Winter Squash and Pumkins for storing, Corn for making into flour along with leafy greens that you can grow inside all year long.


Supporting local farmers and giving back are a huge part of my business model.

The vast majority of my seeds come from local farmers in Rocky Ford, CO - located here in the Lower Arkansas Valley.
Also gardening is a passion of mine and community gardens are a great way to not only empower people to be more food self sufficient but also an excellent way to bring people of all walks of life together. That is why in 2019 I plan on donating seed packets to local community gardens. Please contact me for more information.

20 Varieties Only $39.00