Farmer Paul's Homesteading: Heirloom Seeds
Paul Alhadef

Heirloom bundle - 100% NON-GMO Heirloom Seeds

Renewable Food Supply: True food security.

My Black Cat Seeds Heirloom bundle is a combination of spring leafy greens and summer favorites. Fruit, fiber and protein: The perfect combination of seeds to feed your whole family delicious food from spring till late fall. And varieties that store and can well too.

Of course all of my seeds are open pollinated heirloom seeds so you can store the seeds at the end of the season and plant them again next season.

I love planting, growing and canning.
I am a farmer and homesteader. Have been for years. I know what varieties grow well. And I am always available to answer questions on where, when and how to plant.
I picked these 20 varieties because because they taste great, are excellent for canning and grow nicely in smaller urban gardens.

Over a half pound of seeds!
My seed packs are FULL of seeds. Much more than many other seed packets out there.

My seeds come in a Mylar bag and each seed pack is also in a sealed Mylar bag. This protects them from light and moisture.

20 Varieties Only $39.00

Black Cat Heirloom Seeds

Roma 500 mg
Rutgers 500 mg
Large Red Cherry 500 mg
Early Jalapeno 500 mg
Sweet Spanish Colorado Onion 3.7 g
Lemon Cucumber 6.6
Bloomsdale Spinach 6.3 g
Scarlet Nantes Carrots 4.4 g
Mammoth Grey Sunflower 56 g
Golden Acre Cabbage 7.0 g
Oakleaf Lettuce 5.2 g
Hale's Best Jumbo Cantaloupe 4 g
Sugar Baby Watermelon 5.2 g
Acorn Squash 5.2 g
(Table Queen - Summer)
White Bush Scallop 6 g
(Patty Pan Squash - Winter)
Rainbow Chard 4 g
Pie Pumpkin 7 g
Detroit Dark Beet 5 g
Indian Ornamental Corn 56 g
Blue Lake Bush Bean 78 g